6 Ideas to Incorporate into Your Condo Interior Design

Your Condo Interior Design

As more and more people migrate to urban areas, condominiums are sprouting up everywhere, every day. Unfortunately, condominiums are more difficult to decorate than single-family residences because there is less space to work with. Here are some basic condo interior design and decorating suggestions that will transform your condo from drab to uniquely yours!


It is likely that your city condo lacks access to trees, vegetation, and nature in general. Invest in flora for your patio and indoors to bring a touch of the countryside into your city condo. If you have difficulty keeping plants alive, search for succulents or plants that do not require frequent irrigation. You can also invest in artificial plants to have green accents in your condo without having to hydrate them. Alternatively, fresh blossoms from your local farmer’s market can do the trick!


Using new draperies or curtains can distinguish your condominium. There are numerous drapery styles and designs, including embellished, patterned, refined, and eclectic. Dark-coloured draperies can be used to obstruct sunlight when necessary and also give a residence a stylish appearance. Ensure that the draperies’ colour complements the walls’ colour before purchase. Curtains should not be the room’s focal focus but rather a pleasant addition.


Art is a gorgeous method to embellish a condominium. You will likely display artwork on at least one of your home’s walls. First, find a wall with sufficient space to display your artwork, then get to work designing the optimal configuration for your art frames. Additionally, you may require custom framing for your artwork, which is available at most art supply stores.

Furniture Accessories

Accessories can elevate your style in a condominium. Finding the optimal arrangement for your furniture and accent pieces is the key to resolving the primary issue of limited space. Regarding the designing of accessories, creativity is your ally.

Large wall mirrors can make a condo appear more spacious when positioned on walls with ample natural light. Mirrors also give a room an air of sophistication.

Other space-saving methods include hanging bookcases, which enable you to display your books and accoutrements while conserving floor space. You can also mount your television on the wall or above the fireplace. Entertainment centres can be enormous and cumbersome; eliminating them gives you significantly more space to work with.

Floating Shelves

Another trend in interior design is suspended bookcases, which are ideal for apartments. Floating shelves are advantageous because they are less bulky than conventional shelves and thus require less space. They add ample storage space while maintaining an elegant and modern appearance. Utilize them in the kitchen or living room, particularly in apartments with limited closet space.

Removable Wall Murals

First on today’s list is one of our favourite condo interior decorating ideas: a removable wall mural. Unlike paint, a removable mural is simple to install and even simpler to remove, making it an ideal choice for apartment tenants around the globe. With breathtaking, high-quality print options and images, you can convert any room in your home into a beach oasis, jungle hideaway, or adorable nursery.

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