Interior Painting Ideas: Use Warm Colors to Liven up a Dull Season

Colors to Liven up a Dull Season

Some people say that January is the worst month because February follows. It’s true, this time of the year can be quite a drag. We aren’t spending much time outside due to the dreary weather. The inside of our houses can also feel… drab. We have a tip for you, however, you describe it: Use warm paint colors this winter to brighten up the interior of your home!

What Are Warm Colors?

Warm colors are what we usually associate with heat. This can be either from the sun or even a fire. Yellow, orange, and red are the three main warm colors. These colors are available in many shades and variations, including pink, maroon, and yellow-orange.

Before you dismiss these colors as too garish or bright for your interior design, consider that they are available in hundreds of different shades and tones. We promise that your walls will not end up looking like the superhero’s lunchboxes of kids!

Can Cool Colors Have Warm Undertones?

Absolutely! Shades of green can have strong undertones in yellow. Blues are warm and vibrant, while purples lean towards red. These cool colors may have a vibrant nature that brightens your day and adds variety to your home.

You Don’t Have to Cover the Whole Wall

Colors that bring warmth and vibrancy to a house can be overwhelming when used on all four walls. Accent walls are the perfect solution! You can use your favorite color to make a wall the focal point of the room. It will change the mood and feel of the entire space without being too overwhelming.

A popular way to paint a room is by using two colors on opposite walls. You could, for example, use a neutral color on your east and west walls and then a reddish-orange or yellowish-orange on your north and south walls.

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