Why Do Aircons Require a Chemical Wash?

Chemical Wash

Air conditioning is a necessity, especially in hot and humid climates. However, it’s nearly intolerable when your air conditioner stops working. Therefore it’s crucial to maintain it constantly and in working order. One method for doing this is chemical cleaning. So how often should you chemical wash an aircon in Singapore? More importantly, how would you know when to clean your air conditioner?

Smelly Odour from the Air Conditioner

When mould and water collect on an air conditioner, the air it emits may have an unpleasant odour and provide a health risk to the home, as the mould and water carry bacteria that travel with the air. This occurs when the device is not frequently cleaned. This issue may be avoided with chemical cleaning since the chemical component can quickly eliminate the moulds and germs it contains.

Ice Accumulation in the Unit

While the primary function of an air conditioner is to chill the surrounding air, debris will always cause ice to form on the coils of the unit. Although this is not as harmful as the buildup of mould and bacteria, it may easily cause damage to the device. Chemical defrosting of air conditioners uses ice-melting agents that are both readily available and effective. This unique chemical can assist in restoring the air conditioner’s regular operation.

Allergens Build Up

Dust, mites, and debris can accumulate on your air conditioning unit, causing allergic responses in the home. Even while this may be eliminated by routine cleaning, a chemical wash with the appropriate ingredients to eliminate allergies can perform the job effortlessly.

Rising Electricity Cost

Although it is not clear that a malfunctioning air conditioner is the cause of an increase in the power bill, it can be a factor. If a unit is not in excellent operating order, it will consume more power than when it is well maintained. In addition, if dirt were on the vents, the air conditioner would have to work more to chill the space. Applying the chemical wash would remove the dirt and dust, allowing the machine to function normally while consuming less energy.

Aircon Power Problems

Some air conditioners cannot automatically turn on or off when the air filter is clogged. This is done as a preventative strategy to avert larger issues. These difficulties would necessitate a chemical wash to address the unit’s burdensome concerns.


The frequency with which you should get your air conditioner serviced with a chemical wash depends on the unit’s usage, geographical location, and air quality. It is recommended that chemical cleaning be left to the specialists since they understand which sort of chemical is required for a particular situation. They can also do the task more efficiently because they are certified specialists. Chemical cleaning enhances the unit’s effectiveness and prolongs its life. Recall that maintenance is far less expensive and simpler than repair.

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