8 storage tips for a teenager’s bedroom

teenager's bedroom

Between the games scattered all over the place, the clothes lying around, the bed that isn’t made and the school things piled up on the desk, does your teenager’s room look a bit like a big mess? It’s time to put some order! Not always easy to do, especially in small rooms, there are however some tips and good practices for organizing and better tidying up the bedroom.

Sort before storing

Before putting everything away, nothing better than to take stock. The goal is to keep only useful things and objects that are actually used for a more airy and harmonious room.

Your teenager is no longer a child. Games and toys from before, which he no longer uses, do not need to be piled up in the back of the cupboard. We then take a box, and we place the belongings that no longer have a reason to exist, to store them in the cellar, in the attic, give them to the little brother or the little sister, or why not resell them.

Ditto for clothes, nothing better than a big spring cleaning to see more clearly and save space. Holey jeans? Too small t-shirts? That sweatshirt your teen never wears? There are bound to be things to throw away or pack up.

Invest in storage boxes

Storage boxes are real allies for storing different things. There are large and smaller ones , so as to store several types of objects. They are very practical in terms of organization, because we can dedicate them to a function: a box for belts, one for shoes, one for games…. We can then label them to quickly know what they contain.

These boxes and baskets are also perfect for placing in cupboards or filling the niches of furniture, in order to have an impression of better organization in the teenager’s room.

Delimit the different spaces

Furnishing a teenager’s bedroom also means providing all the living spaces essential for the well-being of your child. Ideally, the sleeping area is well delimited from the dressing, game and office spaces. In the smallest rooms, it is sometimes necessary to ignore one of these spaces (the office can be in the living room instead for example) or find clever solutions with a combined bed for example, which contains the bedding , office and storage.

In terms of storage, the separation of spaces allows for more methodical organization and gives the teenager points of reference.

An optimized bed with storage

Gaining storage in a teenager’s room also requires functional furniture. The bed is the best example. The teenage beds offered today are full of surprises and tricks. We therefore have a preference for those that incorporate compartments. They are hidden everywhere: in the frame, the headboard, the footboard or even in drawers placed under the bedding .

These storage spaces are a plus, in addition to the bedside table, to shelter various items such as games or bed linen that are sometimes difficult to store in a room.

The wardrobe for clothes and much more

The dressing cabinet is unquestionably the storage furniture you need in a teenager’s room! It is the one that offers the most storage volume, ideal for storing all the child’s clothes. It has shelves inside, a hanging bar and, from time to time, drawers for small accessories. If its dimensions allow it, it will accommodate other items such as backpacks,

In a teenager’s room, a children’s library offers many advantages. For avid readers, it is a must for hosting its book collections, showcasing them and having them close at hand. For others, it is a functional storage unit for placing decorative items, notebooks, school supplies and why not indoor plants. Practical and aesthetic , a bookcase can also be used as a separation piece of furniture to create an area of ​​intimacy or simply to partition off a large room.

A desk with storage

The office participates fully in the storage of the room. Rather than the simple desk table on 4 legs, we favor children’s desks with storage to create a functional and orderly workspace.

Depending on the model, it can be equipped with several modules : a box on wheels, drawers, shelves or even blocks with doors that allow you to store school supplies, books, notebooks, etc.

Storage at height

Taking advantage of the height is an effective trick to add storage without cluttering the room too much. We can proceed in several ways, by adding discreet boxes above the furniture for example or fixing furniture to the wall . A hanging shelf illustratively provides support for hanging decorations, books, and other items.

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