How not to be in conflict with your teenager so that he tidies up his room?


Your teenager’s room has turned into a shambles over the months and today he refuses to put it away?. Here are some practical tips to manage the situation well and get your teens to tidy their room without complaining.

The stakes of his room for a teenager

A teenager’s room acts as a real refuge for him. It is his territory in which he likes to be able to meet to read, listen to music, receive his friends, isolate himself. However, the changes that a teenager experiences are not always easy for him to manage, and ideas race through his head…just like the laundry and other books that are strewn on the floor of the room. While the transformations he undergoes even in his body are difficult for him to manage, tidying up his room represents an additional effort and difficulty¬† that he therefore prefers to avoid. So avoid blaming your teenager for the state of their room, but rather try to see how to remedy the problem.without it turning into a conflict. But, whether for hygiene reasons or to give him good habits, you will have to encourage your teenager to tidy up his room

Help your teenager assert their tastes

Adolescence is therefore a period during which teenagers are looking for themselves and do not always know which style to choose . These questions are found both in terms of their hairstyle and their clothing, or even the decoration of their room. Especially when your teen is caught between childhood and adulthood . He therefore often has trouble getting rid of certain objects that link him to his childhood. You can then help him by offering to sort out his belongings , and give or sell on a second-hand site.objects and clothes that have become too childish or too small for him. You can also encourage him to store in a pretty box certain objects from his childhood that he particularly cares about. If you notice that your child particularly likes a color or a style, encourage him to highlight them more in his room, by choosing to repaint the walls in this color or by choosing coordinated decorative objects . By seeing his space thus enhanced and more in line with his new tastes, there is no doubt that your teenager will take more pleasure in tidying up his room.

Guide your teen to get organized

Your teen has probably accumulated a lot of clutter in a short time. Result: he no longer knows where to start tidying up his room and becomes discouraged in advance. A veritable vicious circle then sets in. The key to getting your teen to tidy up without becoming conflicted is to get them on track . You can thus make a kind of inventory with him and see what he could start with. It’s best if it’s something quick and easy that will encourage him, like picking up laundry from the floor or tidying up his desk. You can then give a storage scheduleto your teenager who, if he follows it scrupulously, will quickly realize that by tidying up a little every day, keeping his room tidy is not so painful. Also remember to place a dirty laundry bin in his room that he will have to wash on certain days. Proceed step by step so that the habits are formed smoothly. In any case, never clean your teenager’s room in his absence at the risk of creating a real conflict: he will indeed feel touched in his intimacy and will experience it as an intrusion and a lack of respect on your part.

Praise your teen for their efforts

No matter how small, praise your teen for every effort to tidy up or clean their room . Teenagers may be on their way to adulthood, but they are still big kids who like their parents to be proud of them. Let them know you’re happy with his progress. You can also highlight how pleasant it must be for him to find his things more quickly, but also that his room is in better conditions to receive his friends. So many small positive remarks that will not fail to encourage him to continue in his momentum of tidying up.

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