Sterra VS 3M: Comparison of 2 different water dispenser brands

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Even though the tap water in Singapore is safe to drink, most homeowners still choose to install a water dispenser or water purifier.

First of all, nobody has time in today’s fast-paced world to boil or chill water to make a hot cup of tea or a glass of ice cold water. Second, chlorine is used to treat the tap water in Singapore, and 21% of the people who took the poll said they didn’t like the taste of this water.

But because there are so many different models, it can be hard to find the “perfect” water dispenser. In this article we look at well know dispenser brands Sterra VS 3M to understand why each brand offers and why to buy their water dispensers for your home appliances.

Sterra Water Purifier

The Sterra water dispenser is a great choice because it has a large number of features and a sleek design that makes it very small.

The water purifier has a four-stage filtration system that removes things like suspended particles, chlorine, bacteria, and bad smells from the water without leaving a metal taste.

Also, the UV automatic sterilization nozzle gives the user an extra layer of protection. The device can also clean its own parts using electrolysis. Also, there is a filter change indicator that will tell you exactly when the filter needs to be changed.

The Sterra S can also send out water at different temperatures and volumes, including water that is at room temperature, cold, warm, or hot. Best part? This tankless water dispenser comes with free delivery and setup, a one-year warranty on parts, a three-year warranty on the touch screen and leaks, and two years’ worth of filters.

On top of that, it has high-quality features at a price that is surprisingly low. More than a thousand happy customers have given Sterra mostly positive feedback.

Why buySterra water purifier


We live in the age of convenience, which means that products that promise to make life easier, simpler, or more convenient are quickly adopted by modern households.

So, it’s easy to fall in love with a Sterra STM Tankless Purifier because it lets you quickly get a cup of water at the right temperature, whether it’s cold, at room temperature, warm, or hot in the range of 4, 25, 40, or 87 degrees Celsius.


The Sterra STM Tankless Purifier will appeal to modern homeowners who care a lot about how their home looks and place a high value on aesthetics because of its clean lines and soft curves.

This water purifier is perfect for Singapore’s small condos and HDB flats because it doesn’t need a big tank to store water and because it’s only 18.2 centimeters wide, 50.9 centimeters deep, and 40.3 centimeters tall. It is a simple water purifier that doesn’t take up much space on your kitchen counter.

4 Stage Filtration Systems

The Sterra STM TanklessPurifier has a Pre Carbon Block Filter, which lets it get rid of dust, rust, and sand that are suspended in the water supply. Also, it can absorb and get rid of a wide range of organic compounds, like chlorine and disinfectant that is still in the water.

Also, it has a UF and Post Carbon Block Filter that helps remove harmful impurities and germs that can make you sick. The leftover gas and carbon are taken in again, which gets rid of smells and gives the water a more refreshing taste.

The Sterra STM Tankless Purifier also has a UV-C LED at the nozzle. This LED sanitizes the water and makes sure it is always safe to drink and free of harmful contaminants.


If cost is a concern of yours, you will be relieved to learn that the Sterra STM Tankless Water Purifier is one of the water purifiers that have one of the most affordable prices among those that are now available on the market.

You may pay for it over the course of four monthly installments, and the retail price is now only $1,699 SGD.

3M WaterDispenser

There are some things that just are that way: You didn’t know how much you needed it until it showed up, and you didn’t know how much you needed it until it showed up.

This is exactly how it feels to use the 3M Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser as one of your kitchen appliances. When you think about it, getting water into the house is a huge pain in the neck.

With this dispenser, getting warm, cold, or room-temperature water is much easier, faster, and more convenient than it used to be.

It’s like having a refrigerator, a kettle, and different water containers all in one easy-to-use unit. It’s a great combination of being useful and small.

With the 3MTM Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser, you can save time and space while making sure that the water you and your family drink is of the highest quality.

The dispenser uses a miniaturized 3M filter, which is based on a technology for filtering that has worked well for over 75 years. It doesn’t contain BPA, which is something you should look for in milk and water bottles for your kids at home. It also has UV sterilization.

Installation and use

The 3M Water Dispenser can be set up in less than 30 minutes, but both a water source and an electrical outlet will need to be close by.

Depending on where the equipment is placed in the room, drilling could also be done. In just a few minutes, everything will be ready to go!

You can buy the 3M Water Dispenser in either white or black, depending on what you like. Check that the blue LED display on the right side of the machine is on, and then press the black button below the display. This will make the machine give out water that is as cold as ice.

Tap the blue LED display once so that it turns green. This will switch to the mode that shows the temperature at room temperature. This is a great way for people like me, who like to drink water that isn’t too cold, but not too warm, either.

There is a safety lock on the hot water feature that stops hot water from coming out by accident. This is very helpful if you have children in your home.

Why buy 3M WaterDispenser

Convenient & Save Space

The ease with which it can be utilized is the second primary benefit of using it. The 3MTM Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser are ONE MACHINE that takes the place of my kettle, pitcher, water containers, and hot water flask.

 It also dispenses filtered water at all three temperatures. It eliminates the need for me to boil, cool, store, and wash the food, which saves me a lot of time.

Easy to use

No one likes trying to figure out complicated machines. The good news is that the 3MTM Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is so easy to use that you won’t even need to read the instructions that come with it before you start using it.

There are three ways to choose, and each one is shown by a different color: RED means hot water, BLUE means cold water, and GREEN mean water at room temperature. If you press the COLD/AMBI button, you can switch between the two temperatures of water.

Tap the right buttons to get into the selection mode, and then press the “water dispensing” button to pour water into bottles or cups, whichever you prefer.

Modern Sleek Design & Safety Guaranteed

The 3MTM Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser takes up little space but can hold a lot of water despite its small size.

The whole size of the tank is 8.2 liters (4.6 litres for room temperature water, 3 litres for cold water, and 0.6 litres for hot water).

Easy maintenance & affordable filter cartridge replacement

Every electrical item needs to be taken care of. Even the simplest steam iron will need to be cleaned to get rid of lime scale.

So, when choosing a water filter, you should also think carefully about how to take care of it and how much it will cost. In this way, it’s easy to see that the 3MTM Filtered Water Dispenser is the better appliance for your home.

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