The accent chair: one for every room in the house!


In a decor, some pieces of furniture have more impact than others… This can be, for example, a huge built-in bookcase, an antique dresser, an inviting sofa… This is often also the case for an occasional armchair. Even more than all the other items in a room, they allow you to express a more exploded style, add color and even a touch of fantasy.

A function for every room

Of course at the base, an armchair is made to sit down. But depending on the room it’s in, the accent chair won’t have quite the same use.

In the living room , it will help create different areas for conversation or TV viewing.

In a master bedroom , it will tend to anchor a quiet corner to read or to put the final touch on his clothing.

In a baby’s or child’s room , the armchair will be used more for rocking, reading stories, singing songs before bedtime… It should be big enough to accommodate everyone!

In an office , it can allow you to receive customers with more panache than a simple chair.

In a dining room , it can be brought to the table as needed to accommodate the visit.

How to choose an accent chair

There are different considerations in choosing this type of furniture.

An armchair that will go in front of the TV in the living room will probably be used much more than one placed in an entrance or a hallway, which will have a more decorative function and will be used more to place a coat or a bag temporarily. Therefore, the practicality and especially the level of comfort will become much more important in the first case than the second.

Think about the frequency of use of the chair in question, but also the duration of use! For an occasional chair in which you want to watch a movie or read all afternoon, comfort is essential.


Do you have a lot of space or do you want to create a corner in a cramped space? There are great chairs for both of these situations, but you just have to keep that in mind!

The inhabitants of the house

If there are young children and/or pets, the booster chair would benefit from being very sturdy and covered with a material that is both easy to maintain and durable.

The existing furniture

Ideally, the accent chair should match the other furniture in the room… But that doesn’t mean it should be part of a set! On the contrary, this type of armchair should act as a centerpiece and stand out from the rest of the furniture. But it should still have a nod to the rest of the room, whether in color, style, upholstery, etc.

The style

There are as many accent chairs as there are styles! They can be more or less imposing, being able to integrate into different types of space. Some are similar to chairs with a backrest but better cushioned (perfect for the dining room), some are downright made for curling up or even lying down (suitable particularly well for the living room)…

a soft spot for classic accent chairs, which pay homage to the great designers and architects of the 20th century , but with a little updated twist. We can think, for example, of the Barcelona armchairs , or even the Elliot armchairs from Mobilia, which respectively reinterpret the emblematic works of Mies van der Rohe and the couple Charles and Ray Eames.

Another strong trend in 2018: furniture covered in velvet . This fabric can be appropriated thanks to the Bodine armchair , perfect for a classic decor since it evokes the richness of an English library, to the Scarlet , which would fit perfectly into a bedroom evoking coocooning , or to the Saffron , which Impresses with its professional look that would suit a company president…

People who want to favor originality above all else will not be left out this year! There are so many beautiful accent chairs that squarely set the tone for a room and reflect on the creativity of its inhabitants! One could think of the Effie , which would make a superb room divider in the living room, while moving easily towards the terrace during the summer season, thanks to its wheels! Another unique piece: the Wawil , with its delicate (but very solid!) “birdcage” structure.

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