How to add style and function to your home with accent chairs


Accent chairs are definitely a decorative miracle solution. They are both stylish and functional, and fit in almost any room in the house. When it comes to incorporating them into our decor, there is no need to compromise between style and practicality.

I have gathered for you some ideas that will inspire you for the arrangement of these pretty multifunctional furniture.

The accent chair in the dining room or kitchen

To add character to your dining room, use a wingback chair at either end of your table. Combined with conventional dining chairs and a bench, you will have a stylish and comfortable dining area to entertain your guests.

Accent chairs in the dining room

If you have an office space in your kitchen, add a nice cachet with an upholstered armchair as shown in the image below. And why not play on the mismatched look trend to give your dining room table a touch of whimsy?

Accent chairs in the dining room

This is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of decorating your bathroom, but if space allows it, install a beautiful armchair with matching footstool for an elegant and practical note in your bathroom. your decor.

Accent chairs in the bathroom

The same goes for your bathroom. A nice chair will provide your guests with a place to put their purse or other belongings.

If you need a simple storage solution for your bathroom, why not use a chair as a shelf? By the same token, you will also gain an additional place for the living room or the dining room if necessary!

Grouping more than two accent chairs together will allow you to create a perfect conversation area to welcome guests or to snuggle up with a good book.

If your living room needs a pop of color or texture, accent chairs are a hit, as they often come in a selection of fabrics and colors.

Accent chair in the living room

Several armchairs in various styles will help you create an interesting and inviting open space while having the advantage of providing several places to sit like in this living room imagined by designer Emily Henderson.

A stunning accent chair can easily become the focal point of your entryway or office.

Accent chair in the hallway

For a functional and stylish entryway, don’t be afraid to use accent chairs. They will serve as additional seating for your guests and add style to your home. Look at this beautiful entryway designed by Toronto’s Nest Design Studio .

A large bedroom can accommodate a reading chair with footstool for a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Do you suddenly feel more relaxed?

You can also opt for simplicity by using chairs as bedside tables as shown in this stylish bedroom. Accent chair and bedside table Source: Design Sponge

Are you convinced now?

Anywhere you want to marry style and function, consider accent chairs. It’s the perfect solution to enhance a decor!

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