Roof anti-moss to fight against moss on your roof

your roof

Inspect the roof to anticipate the anti-moss action

As a precaution, prevention is better than cure. Examining your roof means looking for two main points:

spot the undesirables who invite themselves on the roof

locate a crack or break in a tile .

Algae, fungi, lichens and mosses invite themselves onto roofs if leaves, pine needles or other deposits interfere with the evacuation of rainwater. The function of the roof is to evacuate water. As soon as the water stagnates, the threat looms, and the use of an anti-moss roofing solution should be prevented as much as possible by carefully examining what can hinder the evacuation of rainwater.

Gutters should be protected or emptied once a year. And in the vast majority of cases, roof maintenance stops there for many years

Moss removal from the roof: necessary cleaning operation

It is necessary to know how to identify a possible seeding of the roof, which is the prelude to all the inconveniences. The proliferation of bacteria and algae constitutes the substrate necessary for the installation of fungi, lichens and mosses. Bacteria and algae can be identified by the streaks they form on the roof. The treatment of the roof with biocide and algaecide gets rid of these parasites. If this is not the case, brushing can restore the terracotta to new.

Maximize the water repellency of the roof

If the roof has marks, this cleaning phase should not be neglected.

Failure to stem the process of colonization of the roof allows fungi, lichens and mosses to settle in turn.

Together, they create a natural environment that will prevent water runoff and maintain a humid atmosphere favorable to their growth.

In addition, these plants cause damage to all roofing materials: slate, slate, wood, terracotta. At this stage, the materials may be subject to mechanical or chemical attack likely to cause, in the long term, due to freezing and thawing, substantial damage such as roof leaks.

The ultimate weapon before the renovation: the roof anti-moss product

To avoid the disaster scenario that takes many years to establish, nothing is very complicated. Roof protection is within everyone’s reach.

Thoroughly clean streaks that signal the presence of algae or bacteria. There are several effective roof cleaning techniques that do not damage the roof: quackgrass brush, dry steam, low pressure cleaning, spraying of roof defoaming biocide followed by brushing. The treatment is a roof protection that acts for several years.

In the most serious cases. If the roof has been abandoned, or if the environment is particularly favorable to proliferation, it is possible after cleaning to carry out a surface treatment of the terracotta by using, for example, a professional roof anti- foam .

Schedule an annual maintenance with your carpenter-roofer as is the practice for other installations such as chimneys or boilers

You are therefore certain to protect the quality and performance of the thermal insulation of the roof over the long term. Roof cleaning and treatment operations must be entrusted to roofing professionals.

Do not accept work on your roof from companies offering this service by way of door-to-door sales. Compare roof cleaning prices .

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