How to use wallpaper in your decor?

wallpaper in your decor

It was once relayed to cheesy decorative ideas or only used in plain tones instead of paint. Today and for a while, wallpaper is an element in its own right in a room. On a single section of wall, flowery, with various patterns, modern or downright retro, it has made its way into the trendiest decorations. We explain how to use wallpaper, to give your rooms a facelift and give them originality.

Master the technique

For a classic wallpaper, the installation remains technical and can take time. A word of advice: laying the paper requires respecting all the steps.

To begin with, the wall must be ready for the wallpaper. For painted walls, allow a few hours before you can hang your wallpaper. Indeed, it will first be necessary to wash the surface then sand with the grain of the sandpaper, in order to allow the effectiveness of the glue on the walls. To protect your walls, apply an undercoat of plaster or pre-gluer one day before hanging the paper.

You can then draw a vertical line 52 cm from a door or a corner of the wall. It is from this place that you can lay the first length. The somewhat tedious step consists in cutting out each length and numbering them in the order of installation.. During each cut, you must measure the height to be lined and add 10 cm for the top and bottom, then fold the paper on itself to mark the fold, before cutting. The gluing requires a precise and regular gesture, with an application of the glue from the center towards the edges using a brush.

Pay attention to the glue you use, as it is not the same for vinyl or standard wallpaper. For a cleaner installation, keep a bucket of clear, clean water handy to clean any traces of glue on the paper.

Non-woven wallpaper stands out from traditional wallpaper because of its ease of application. Indeed, the glue is not applied on the wallpaper, but directly on the wall. There is even pre-glued vinyl paper, which only requires soaking the length before application.

Have fun !

Very often in decoration, trends appear, favoring certain styles and certain atmospheres. Wallpaper is no exception to the rule, here are some current trends:

Exotic wallpaper: often associated with tropical prints of palm trees or flamingos, exotic wallpaper is available in all rooms and makes you travel while staying at home!

Vintage wallpaper: with Art Deco graphics or floral motifs, vintage paper is popular for an easy match with parquet or Scandinavian decor.

Material-effect wallpaper: imitation leather, marble or mouldings, this is a must-have for bringing the illusion of chic and elegant materials into the home.

In recent years, it has also been possible to find more ecological wallpapers thanks to new manufacturing methods. Made from recycled paper or from eco-responsible forests, the ecological wallpaper is also made from solvent-free inks. Similarly, there are natural glues, of vegetable origin for example.

What to do with the wallpaper?

In the kitchen, the wallpaper is useful to highlight the furniture or even delimit the dining area, for example. If you have breakfast on a table in the kitchen, along a wall, then you can delimit this dining space by bringing color or patterns.

Wallpaper is also used to set an office corner apart . For travel lovers, a world map wallpaper can easily dress up your office wall. A single length can be used to form a dedicated area for all your sticky notes and photos.

No need to rack your brains to choose an elegant headboard. With a wallpaper imitating moldings or woodwork in black, you will bring a Haussmann style to your room. For the child’s room, choose a connected paper, the novelty of the moment! With a simple application, you can scan a character drawn on the tapestry to bring exciting stories to life for your children.

Also dare the wallpaper in the bathroom! With the vinyl material, do not be afraid to apply the wallpaper in your damp rooms. Thanks to its faculties of resistance, it also has a practical side, since it can be washed with soapy water! It is now up to you to choose the space in your home to highlight, as well as the desired atmosphere!

[Focus] You can also use the wallpaper to decorate small parts of furniture like the inside of a drawer for example! This allows you to recover unused scraps of your wallpaper and create original decorative touches.

[Pro Tip] Wallpaper is particularly sensitive to humidity in a home. It can very quickly peel off or deteriorate if the air in your home is not well renewed. Remember to have your ventilation checked by a professional, who will advise you on its effectiveness and possible solutions in the event of wear and tear.

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